Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Untitle 15

why should a stupid without head want a hat?

Untitle 14

i lost something. don't know what it is. 

yesterday, i searched youtube and click on 'palestine tears'. but i don't cry.
then, i went to cafetaria to  buy 'nasi goreng kampung' added 'telur dadar' and chicken soup. plus chicken burger. but i was still hungry.
on my way to hostel, i was slipped down but there's no pain at all.
now, i'm here. on my padded mattress, but i think i need a new much more comfortable mattress.

oh ya, i lost something. could you find it for me, palestine?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

Untitle 11

nowadays, people are proud to show their 'knowledge' by condemn the others. 
luckily blogspot and youtube are free pages. 

judge the world by saying 'you're wrong!' and 'you're right!' doesn't means you're cleaver enough. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Untitle 10

why men calling their girl 'sayang' in message?

because they scared to type wrong spelling of the girls name.

Untitle 9

steps to support local filming industry.

  1. buy tickets (max RM12 coz no 3D)
  2. fuck the film when walk out from the cinema
  3. buy tickets (max RM12 coz no 3D)
  4. fuck the film when walk out from the cinema
  5. buy tickets (max RM12 coz no 3D)
  6. fuck the film when walk out from the cinema
  7. buy tickets (max RM12 coz no 3D)
  8. fuck the film when walk out from the cinema 
till the local directors wake up.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Untitle 8

teachers love to speak. they speak all the time. 
they'll stop speaking when the principal gives them a task. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Untitle 7

why american love these words - 'put you hands up'

i think another 'part' is up.

Untitle 6

i wonder why people are screaming when they saw ghost. are they so pretty? with blusher and mascara.

Untitle 5

maths is the sexiest man i ever had.

Untitle 4

im not joking, i'm telling the truth. that's the funniest joke in the world...lolz

Untitle 3

if u give me a shit, then i'll pay u a shit.

Untitle 2

i'm not good in my own words. sometimes noiseless, sometimes too loud. but i always keep these words. 'words are vaksin, stay away from them..'

Untitle 1

planning is wasting, it makes politician being slower..
hey, bayar duit kopi dulu..